Richly Deserved Punishment
(E. D. Coons with Comments from H. I. Coons AKA Grandpa and Grandma)

[Thusly titled with some feeling on the part of the males in the clan that certain siblings, notably the female kind, seemed to frequently get off a little too easily...]

Occational sibling squabbling was a fairly normal occurance by the time we were in Saratoga.  Everyone had their sensitivities and no one was above teasing.  I tried to instill the rule that even if deserved, young men did not hit young women.  One day Sandy committed and got caught in some unremembered but serious transgression, and I was about to administer a couple of the swats she richly deserved when she spoke up with "You can't hit me, I'm a girl!"

That stopped me short and I think she thought she had found a wonderful loophole and was off scot-free.  I weighed whacking her anyway, then told her, "You are right.  I should not spank you.  Go see your Mother and tell her what you did and why you haven't been spanked."  I don't remember just what happened but it was enough that she never used that defense again--but now that I think of it I don't remember that she needed a spanking again either. [Editor's note: Yeah, right.  See what I mean???!!!]

Grandma's Note: Sandy came in and told me dad said I had to give her a spanking.  I was surprised to say the least and in answer to my question, she said she didn't know why. [Ed's note: What a weasel!]  She got a few half hearted swats -- it's tough to spank a child unless you are angry! And it's dangerous for the chile if you are angry--
P.P.S I have both spanked and not spanked for childish transgressions and in retrospect it isn't necessary.  I don't believe in it.  Apologies to those who got spanked! [Thanks Mom, for the tip--We love you!]