Hansel & Sharon
(Sharon Davey)

As the only other girl, I shared a room with her.  You think you guys had it bad!  I remember the indignity of her & Steve picking me up and dipping my buns in the dishwater one time in Saratoga.  And being mercilessly tickled.  She'd go until I was sure I'd die of asphyxiation, and then wait until I could speak and start again.  I imagine that these or similar grievances floated through my head that day that Mom sent her in to run my bath water for me.  I do remember very clearly watching her sit on the edge of the tub, leaning out to reach the taps and test the water.  It took a while, so I had some time to consider a little thought that came creeping into my mind.  Would it work?  Could it work?  I reached out and gave her a push.  IT WORKED!  In what was probably my ONE triumph over Sandy in my young life, I'd pushed my big sister into the tub!!!  Believe me, that was one very satisfying splash!